In 1924, Lt. Colonel J.G. Sims and Major M. B. Crum organized the 178 Field Artillery of the National Guard in Maryville. The 178th, comprised of 50 men, a head quarters company plus 20 additional men, needed a home Four years later the Company Headquarters was built on Ellis Avenue.

Through the years, after the 178th moved out, the building has been used for many things. Upstairs was used as a skating ring, a community event and recreation center, and wrestling matches have been held there. The Pappy Joe Waters bought the historic building and used it for warehouse storage, Laws Furniture, Gateway Furniture, and a Feed & Seed store. He, Carl Odham and Buster Teener then found a more appropriate use for it. In 1966, they founded the Salvage House, a hardware and building materials salvage business. In 1985 Lee McKinney and 10 year employeedd, bought the business, located at 498 Ellis Avenue.

Lee proud of the company’s historic location is even more proud to be a locally owned business and finds great satisfaction in keeping “money in the local economy.” The Salvage House keeps prices affordable, offering many unique, hard to find items. We can help you with hardware, vinyl flooring, kitchen cabinets, windows, bathroom vanities and much more.

With easy access, superior knowledge, friendly service and competitive prices, the Salvage House is one place you can’t afford to miss. So visit Salvage House, find that special item you’ve been looking for and enjoy a little piece og Blount County history.